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What is Acronis?

Acronis Nedir

What is Acronis?

Acronis; is a software company that provides backup and cyber security solutions. It was established in 2003 in Singapore. When Acronis is mentioned, everyone thinks of a software that can do things like backup, restore, image taking and disk cloning, but with its new products, it has actually turned into a company that provides security solutions along with backup. For home Acronis True Image or with the new name Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office While there is a solution for SMEs and corporate companies Acronis Cyber Protect and Cyber Protect Cloud There are many solutions such as.

Maybe we can explain Acronis's combination of security and backup better as follows; It is a software that performs Anti-Virus scanning while the backup is restored, prevents ransomware on the machine that is planned to be backed up, allows you to revert to a different hardware from the backup, ensures that your entire server infrastructure works in a different architecture in as little as 15 seconds, and improves itself day by day.

Acronis Turkey' in  with data center KVKK uses a compatible data storage method.

About the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud product,

This product, which is specially planned for institutions, ensures that almost every device in your structure is backed up to the cloud. In order to implement backup and security solutions, a "Agent“ It is enough to install.

With this “Agent”;

  • You can take backups of machines (including Windows, Linux, and Apple MACs), servers, and devices such as tablets. Make a backup of just one folder or make a copy of your entire computer.
  • Thanks to the "Forensic Backup" feature, you can get backups that can be used in legal proceedings and lawsuits.
  • When you buy a new computer, you can have all the files downloaded to that computer via the cloud. For IT users, you can take a full machine copy from your existing physical server and convert it to virtual (or vice versa).
  • You can enable anti-virus protection. You can also close security vulnerabilities with Patch management.
  • With Acronis Active Protection, you can protect against ransomware.
  • You can do URL Filtering. In this way, you can block sites and/or categories that you do not want to be entered on a machine-based basis. You can do this without the need for a firewall on the front.
  • You can see the usage information of the disks. You can view the estimated lifetime of these discs in a separate viewing window.
  • You can make a remote connection to the computer with the Agent installed without opening a port. Moreover, you can run this link from the tablet.
  • Of course, all of these can be reported to you in detail.
  • Moreover, you can do all of these through the same management console, so you can provide different training, support, maintenance, etc. for different products. will not be needed.
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Acronis We can be with you in processes such as sales and offers, maintenance services, technical support, configuration and projecting.

Acronis 30 days with all its features free suitable for your infrastructure so that you can try demo can create. We can answer your questions about your use.

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